Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Unplan Plan

Here is my deal. I like to plan and organize. I, however, sometimes...alot of time have problems with follow through. My current situation is as follows...

This is my pretty workout plan for December. I had mapped out when I would lift what muscle group, when and what type of cross training and walks I would do. Each workout has a specific goal whether to gain strength, endurance, or increase VO2max. Clearly I put some thought into this.

The December plan was to kick off this past Sunday afternoon after my post-church nap. But, yup you knew it was coming, Sunday morning I developed a ridiculous headache which I've been having alot recently. I woke up from a two and half hour nap with a dull pain and knew a workout of any sort was not in the works.

Monday was suppose to be Stair Beast and Yoga (more on this later). My plan was that after my 5:30 client I would step away and the take the 7:30 yoga class. However, I got invited to watch the finale of The Sing Off with some friends I rarely get to see. Plus my 5:30 had been moved to 4:30 so I would have had an extra hour to do nothing so I ditched my workout plans for hang with friends...there went day number 2.

So here is my revised plan...

a weekly to do list. BTW there was a top half to this sheet but it go cute off in the picture. 
You can get this and other printable to do list here!

Obviously nothing is set for a specific day that way if something comes up I have the freedom to not feel guilty that I missed a workout. Also I have a tendency to workout by my whatever mood I'm in. Now if I'm not in the mood to face the Stair Beast I can do a walk instead...or  if I am in the mood to do legs no biggie. Although I will have to think about what I did last. So if I had a hard cardio I need to either rest a day or do my recovery walk. Same for strength training...no working out same muscle group to days in a row.

The thing about squeezing in workouts is that you have to figure out what works best for you. So doing a day-by-day training plan doesn't work for me.Good to figure this out now then in a couple of weeks when my walks switch to runs! Let's see if the Unplan Plan helps me focus and get done what needs to get done.

What's your to-do list style look like?

Till then,

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