Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Losers

I'm not to sure what has gotten into me this year but for whatever reason I am SO ready for the holiday season!

I was talking with one of my clients last night as we worked out and I asked her "Ok so what's your plan for Thanksgiving?" While she is on WW and I'm calorie counting we both agreed that our plan was to work our butts off till Turkey Day, eat a reasonably yummy meals, and then right back at on Friday. So here are some tips for a successful "loser" Thanksgiving.

1. Workout! I know super top secret tip. I know the line at super market is super crazy, you are madly cleaning for the in-laws, and you are writing your Black Friday shopping list but make sure and squeeeeeze in a workout. Even if its just a quick 30 minute walk around the block.

2. Figure out how much your Turkey Day meal is going to cost you...calorie or points wise. For my clan not only is dinner a big deal but so is breakfast. We have a tradition...bacon. It's one of two times a year we will eat REAL oink oink bacon...the rest of the years it's gobble gobble bacon. ;) So last night I put into my calorie counter breakfast and most of dinner...how do you put families traditional  "Green Slime" into the tracker? Anywho without Slime I was already 300 calories over for the day. This let's me see that I really need to get my workouts in, make them quality, and to stay within my 1,200 limit till Thanksgiving.

3. It's ok NOT to pig out. I know crazy thought. When I entered my info into my counter most of my servings where 1/2 cup measurements for things like yams and stuffing. Let me tell you as a carb-aholic I love me some Thanksgiving sides so much so that I could skip the Turkey all together. So this year I will be measuring out my servings. Luckily for me, my family won't be too surprised.

4. Make healthy sides. My first Thanksgiving when I was on WW I made my own sides. I made WW versions of stuffing, yams, and pumpkin pie. While I won't be going that extreme this year it is always a good option. There are plenty of lighted version of things...believe your family won't notice the difference.

5. Don't feel guilty about your meal. Ok so maybe the thought of eating over your calorie count makes you a bit anxious, don't stress! It is the holidays, if you have done the work in the gym, stayed within points, didn't pig out too much you should be fine. And if one week of maintaining your weight is what you get then so be it!

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