Monday, October 31, 2011

Operation Finisher: Phase 1


Like my outfit? Yes that is my doing a Tricep Rope Pulldown. A co-worker and I were going to dress up as Batman and Robin but since I’m done at my old local and haven’t started at the new one yet; I figured why pass up the excuse to wear a tutu!?! Everyone assumed I was Tinker Bell..sure why not. 

Like I mentioned in my a couple of post ago I am now a suffer of Patellar Fasciitis. Treatment was via this thing…

While I’m not sure what you actually call this thing, I do know that it gives my weakened tendon extra support.  Along with wearing this thing I was told to rest my knee and that “Given your work it will take longer than the typical two weeks.” The “Given your work…” part being that people with Patellar Fasciitis aren’t suppose to squat, lunge, or walk or stand for excessive periods of time. Yea it took more than two weeks. Now I just wear it when doing cardio or on “Legs” day. Following my injury I certainly could and should have been doing rehab on the knee…but I didn’t…bad trainer I know. But this morning was a new morning and I woke up to this…

Ok I actually woke up to this written on my mirror but that wouldn't work to well via picture. When I was in weight loss mode I would put my game plan for the week and my weight on the mirror, checking off the boxes as the week went on.

Today is the beginning of Operation Finisher: Phase 1. Obviously Operation Finisher since the goal is to finish a 5K. The Phase 1 aspect is the “Rebuilding” portion of the operation. Rebuilding my strength as well as my cardio…via walking with a dash of cross training.

I imagine I’ll be in Phase 1 for the month of November and will look pretty much like today. The goal is by the end of the week to have walked 12.8 miles, stairstepped a total of 60 minutes, and do my 3 day split strength training with an extra leg work out (one functional and one strength focused), and take one cycle class for my Crosstraining. So today I checked off three boxes, one for each of the following:
  • 20 minutes Stairmaster
  • 3.2 miles walk
  • Back

What’s your game plan? Do you keep it some place where you can see it? 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Workout Workshop

A couple weeks ago I got text from my manager, "Call me asap." First thought, "What could I have possibly have done?" Turns out our club had been given a NCSF certification by corporate and I was chosen to receive it. In order to be a Master Trainer one must have three different certification so NCSF will be number two for me. Not going to lie when I was told about receiving the cert I inwardly meant taking that BIG test again. The one that I struggled so much to pass just for my first cert. But here is how the day ended up going...

Bright and early, armed with textbook, workbook, and Starbucks; I headed down to our corporate office for day one of the workshop.  There I met up with these two...

Kat, who works in our Service department, and her husband Sal. It was great having friendly faces to chat with and be workout partners with. The first part of the day was spent at desks learning about nutrition, health constrictions, and assessments. After lunch we worked on IDing imbalances, how to correct them, and learning proper form for basic leg exercises. 

Sal doing a Bench Negative Leg Curl

Kat doing a Negative Glute Hamstring Raise

The last six months has been a huge learning curve so I'm now seeing the same material from the view of someone who has been in the industry. I know what it's like to have a client who has never step foot in the gym and to have a client who has been doing exercises wrong for years. Having clients who have a lot of weight to lose and with only a few pounds. All of which have different challenges. This class also covered some things that I felt weak in. Also NCSF looks at somethings, like assessments, slightly different than The Cooper Institute.

I'm just excited to be a trainer and continue to learn about my industry. And when it comes to the test I was surprised how much I was remembering. I plan on taking that sucker asap! Which will mean I will be a CPT 2. Tomorrow we go over Program RX, which I am going to be interested at how that present it.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Becoming a Finisher

On a wall in my parents' garage is a dozen or so Finisher medals and race bibs. We are talking several half and full marathons; Houston, Marine Corps, and White Rock. There is even a bright yellow bib from Sun Mart's Century Endurance Trail Run, a 100 miler through the woods of Huntsville State Park. All of them belonging to my 63, in Janurary, father. All of them highly impressive to the girl who has yet to compelte a 5K.

Dad and I after my first Cycle ride

My dad spent 20 years in the Marine Corp and being forced to run. So when he retired so did his running shoes. However, 11 years later at the age of 46, dad laced up his running shoes and hit the pavement. His marathon PR being in the four hour range, which for those who don't know is slow. Dad isn't built for speed, he is what is known in the running world as a "Plotter."

The thing that I admire about my dad's running career is that even though he maybe a Plotter, he is at least a Finisher...and he has the medal and the bibs to prove it. I, on the other hand, get discrouaged at the slightest bump in the training road. Whether my liagitament knee issues or my mental block with running, what I like to blame on my "Fat Girl Mentality"; I have yet to complete a race. 

My last attemept to join the running commuity came to a screetching hault 2 months ago. I was on attempt number three to run...

However, at a staff volleyball game I landed on my knee twice without any knee pads. I wound up with Platella Fasciitis, fancy term meaning the tendon from my knee to my femur was strained. I must admit I am not the best of Finisher...of anything. The refinishing of my the parentals' garage half way sanded. Dozens of books halfway read. Learning spanish...sign langauge. The list goes on.

I don't know if it's stubberness or my inner runner crying to get out but I have the fever...for more running. I want at least one finisher medal and bib to hang some where. I want to say that I conquered my mental block of running. I'd like to be able to say, "Yea I ran three miles this morning." I want my Runner's how I pushed through the rain with a big toe bleeding while a dog chasing me to finish my run. I want a PR...even if it is really slow and my best time is just crossing that finish line. I want to say I am a runner.

So going on attempt number 385,0276,504 I will be training. Forget the Half Marathon...give me a simple 5K. I don't even have a 5K picked out, no goal date pressure. I just want to run. When I can run my favorite 3 mile loop then I'll look for a 5K to run. I also want to find a running group and since I will be in the city now it might be easier.

Maybe this Skinny Southern Belle will finally become the Running Skinny Southern Belle.

What have you never been a Finisher at? What has held you back from crossing the finish line?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life after G.O.

So my last post was April 7...about a week prior to the gym I work at opening. When we have been open for 6 months now and life after Grand Opening (G.O.) is different than I had imagined.

My plan was that by now I would have moved out of the parental units to my favorite part of Houston, 20 minutes from my club. I would be blissfully be a full time Trainer. Doing adult things like saving for a new car,  decorating said apartment, and finally updating my wardrobe (which still has yet to recover from under-growing my clothes).

I, however, am not full time. I had to even get a second job, my old receptionist job from when I was in college. I ended up finding a great apartment 5 minutes from the gym. Which turned out to be nice for early morning clients. The biggie...I'm transferring clubs. There are several us at my current club...who are still trying to load up their schedules to become full time. I love this club; it's staff, my clients, and it's facilities. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do. So I'll be making the move November 1st.

Alright what do ya'll want to read about? What questions are you dying to ask?