Monday, October 31, 2011

Operation Finisher: Phase 1


Like my outfit? Yes that is my doing a Tricep Rope Pulldown. A co-worker and I were going to dress up as Batman and Robin but since I’m done at my old local and haven’t started at the new one yet; I figured why pass up the excuse to wear a tutu!?! Everyone assumed I was Tinker Bell..sure why not. 

Like I mentioned in my a couple of post ago I am now a suffer of Patellar Fasciitis. Treatment was via this thing…

While I’m not sure what you actually call this thing, I do know that it gives my weakened tendon extra support.  Along with wearing this thing I was told to rest my knee and that “Given your work it will take longer than the typical two weeks.” The “Given your work…” part being that people with Patellar Fasciitis aren’t suppose to squat, lunge, or walk or stand for excessive periods of time. Yea it took more than two weeks. Now I just wear it when doing cardio or on “Legs” day. Following my injury I certainly could and should have been doing rehab on the knee…but I didn’t…bad trainer I know. But this morning was a new morning and I woke up to this…

Ok I actually woke up to this written on my mirror but that wouldn't work to well via picture. When I was in weight loss mode I would put my game plan for the week and my weight on the mirror, checking off the boxes as the week went on.

Today is the beginning of Operation Finisher: Phase 1. Obviously Operation Finisher since the goal is to finish a 5K. The Phase 1 aspect is the “Rebuilding” portion of the operation. Rebuilding my strength as well as my cardio…via walking with a dash of cross training.

I imagine I’ll be in Phase 1 for the month of November and will look pretty much like today. The goal is by the end of the week to have walked 12.8 miles, stairstepped a total of 60 minutes, and do my 3 day split strength training with an extra leg work out (one functional and one strength focused), and take one cycle class for my Crosstraining. So today I checked off three boxes, one for each of the following:
  • 20 minutes Stairmaster
  • 3.2 miles walk
  • Back

What’s your game plan? Do you keep it some place where you can see it? 

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