Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adhere to the Plan

Can I just have a moment to share a weakness of mine...impatience. If there is something I want or need I want it now! Which I guess just makes my typical of our culture. Today is a rare cold day in Houston and hitting up my favorite park just sound ideal! Then I remember that I am on a mission and must adhere to the plan. Which right now means walking...for six weeks!

The best running plan I've found...saying I've never finished was via Adidas' Mi Coach. I used it when I was training for my 10K...which I did run the distance of a 10K during training and then proceeded to have "Runners Knee" thus knocking me out for the actual event.

Mi Coach is based on Heart Rate training; you spend a percribed amount of time in a certain HR zone. One day you might spend the whole time at your "Green zone" the next session a mix of "Green" and "Yellow." Check out the link if this isn't making sense.

You can tell your Heart Rate by one of two ways. First, you can by the whole Mi Coach kit and kobotle that has the heart rate sensor and adaptor, as seen below, that links to your smart phone. Or you can use just the app that looks at your pace via GPS to figure out if you are working hard enough. I guess there is really a third option...which I will get to later.
Either way you go the "Coach" tells you when it is time to hit a new HR zone or if you are out of your HR zone and need to slow down or speed up. It also links to you iTunes and the "Coach" voices over it. It also tracks your milage on your shoes and calories.

Mi Coach's running is also keeping with...

I stopped by Barnes and Noble yesterday to look at their running books. There are different schools of thinking about running. Some subrcibe to running and walking intervals...which me is kind of sissy. This school belives it allows for better recovery and longer distances. All I know is that if I stop, I won't start again! Then there was books about running barefoots, just for women, for weight loss, yoga and name it that got it!

Be a better runner takes your HR readings and applies it "Hard" and "Easy" days. It seems like the best attack plan and more importantly DOABLE!

All this planning is getting me amped and anxious to start running. Today is only day four, Tris, Bis, and Shoulder Day with day 2 of Mi Coach...patience is really hard for me. But this is for the long haul, not to just quickly train for a race but to be a I better get just as amped about Phase 1 as I am for Phase 2!

What gets you amped for your training?

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