Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How many trips does it take...

to decorate a Southern Belles apartment?

This is my first Christmas living all by myself! Which means for about a week I've been making trips to Hobby Lobby picking up Christmas decorations. I love that all their stuff is 50% off...all the time? It does beg the question...why not just mark everything down and call it a day? Well their psychology worked on the Belle and suckered me in about three times. Total I think I spent $30 to decorate my bathroom and living room. 

Yesterday was tree trimming day! My dad had my tree up in Rusk and brought it home over Thanksgiving sans the stand. I went out and got a regular tree stand...

meet my evil nemesis.

I first had to screw these screwy things in...which was not east and rather painful. Then I stuck the lowest section in the stand  which was difficult because the lowest layer of branches couldn't unfold and ended up causing the tree to be placed precariously in the stand. Finally after much pain and time, no lie an hour, then it was time to put the second section on. That was I realized I had put the WRONG section in first! After wrestling, once again no lie, with the stupid thing I finally got it detached from the stand and took a much needed lunch break. Eventually I got the tree up, however, I wouldn't look a it wrong...it might topple over, it isn't the sturdiest of trees.

A few of my favs...

My Baby's First. We've had Santa riding a bike since I was a kid. 
I used to take it off the tree and play with it.

These two are newer. I just got the boot one...what can I say I'm a Southern Girl. 
My Spurs one a college friend gave me...its made from a light bulb! Just in time because Christmas came early when the NBA lockout was ended! GO SPURS GO!

And the finish product. I'm missing a star topper and a tree skirt. Trip number 4?

It's def not my best tree and I think it might get replaced next year but it definitively feels like Christmas!


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