Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sometimes you make a plan but once the plan is rolling you realize that it needs to be tweaked. Well let the tweaking begin.

Last week I started walking at my favorite 3 mile loop, The beauty of the day. I, of course was passed by all these runners, which left my a bit envious. By the time I was back to my car on Friday I was debating whether to move up Phase 2's start date. My knee felt fine so surely I could begin training by the end of November, two weeks early.

Then Sunday hit, I had a familiar dull aching pain in my knee and reverted to wearing my knee strap to church, where a friend of mine who is a physical therapist informed me that doing the leg extension puts to much torque on the tendon. So when a friend and I workout our legs yesterday I skipped the leg extension and replaced it with a step up. The knee felt fine till I was stepping off the step. I could totally feel it stabilizing itself...great...clearly if my knee is struggling to stabilize itself on slight impact then the impact on running is not a good idea. I seriously doubt that in two more weeks my knee would be ready.

Now for the tweak. I had been doing three days walking 3 miles, one cross training day, and a three day split. The original plan was to do a three day split with a bonus leg day focusing on such thing like stabilization, however squeezing in that fourth day is hard. So my cardio will be the same but instead of having a "back" day and a "Shoulders, bis, and tris" day I'll just have a one upper body day so I can get that leg stabilization day in.

As of right now I one leg down and one 3 mile walk. Let's see how the new plan works.

Till then,


  1. Way to go Rach :) You are so awesome. I am back on weigh watchers and addicted to Zumba :) I am striving to get my life back :)

  2. Oh girl I do not have enough coordination for Zumba! But I saw your shoes, those were so cute!