Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Operation Finisher: Phase 2

Happy Thursday!

So here it is the 29th and Phase 2 finally got underway yesterday...a couple of weeks late but still just as excited! I did a little non-gym prep for this phase. 

I went to a local shoe store, Luke's Locker,  to get new running shoes. I wanted them to look at my strides and all that. First he looked at the way I walked. My diagnosis: underpornation with a late ball foot strike. After that was established he picked a couple shoes to correct my underpornation and give me the flexibility for a ball foot striker. Then he watched me run and asked how I they felt. Then he's have me try on another pair of shoes and watch me run again. After nixing a couple of pairs, I landed these!

They are Asics, which I have grown up being a New Balance girl but I wanted to try out something new. These were also lighter and more flexible than the NB option I had. I was hoping whichever shoe I needed would be sassy and fun...which I think the BRIGHT pink is. I've had them for a month or so and have been dying to try them while running! I highly suggest getting fitted for shoes. It's free at most running stores and is one aspect of keeping you injury free!

Ok phase 2 is pretty simple. On the strength side I'll be going back to a three day split, legs; shoulder, bis, and tris; and back, continuing to increase loads in such a way that I will be nice and lean...no bulking here! 

As far as the running I'm on a new plan to run a 5K by late February via Mi Coach. Taking it nice and slow for the knee. I haven't landed on a 5K to run yet...maybe something in March? 

I was looking forward to trying the new shoes out on my favorite route. However, I had to squeeze in my run between a client and nannying so the dreadmill it was for me!As you can tell from above, my runs won't be too long for awhile. My run yesterday was 5 min walk, 1 min run, 1 min walk repeat 3 times, and end with a 5 min walk. The knee felt fine during the run. Post run a bit ache and today fine!

My next run is tomorrow. The yellow indicates a faster speed...and looking at the length I'd say they are 30 second...so sprints...just two of them. It seems on the Pansy side but this is suppose to be a gradual and not overwhelming training process. Slow and steady wins the race but I can be impatient...

Till next time,

Christmas in the Pines

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Ho was yalls Christmas? Mine was...odd...in a good way, just because it's what we usually do.

Friday after running around like a mad women; training a client, meeting up with my SL family, and running by my nanny families (what do I call them?) I made my way home. We loaded up the car, picked up my stepbrother, and headed for the hills...or rather Pine Forests of East Texas.

Harley Dog! Isn't he cute!?! The dog trimmer ignored our request for just a trim and gave him a summer cut, poor thing is freezing!

We spent our drizzle Christmas Eve baking, several trips were made to the local Brookshire Brothers. Between my step mom and me we made a pecan pie, sausage balls, puppy chow, and gauc. After going to the Christmas Eve service, which was the highest church service I had been to in a loooooong while, we had a church family over for a chili cheese hot dog dinner; cooked by an open fire. 

I don't think we had enough goodies

We finally headed to bed after watching a bit of some sappy Christmas movies...I made the parentals watch a bit of A Christmas Story. Which my father says he doesn't like but always seems to enjoy. 

Christmas morning I woke up to Joy to the World being blared through out the house, unlike my stepbro I don't have the ability to sleep through such a racket. We had to wake earlier than usual because church was at 9:30. So we had cinnamon rolls and unwrapped our gifts. Then headed to a very laid back service that included Christmas hymns, reading of the Christmas story, and a blessing of the toys. 

We got home around 11am grazed on some goodies, watched a bit of the Celtics Knicks game, and all crashed for our Christmas naps before we packed up and head for the hills...or freeways of Houston. For Christmas the last two years we have nixed the turkey and opted for steaks and potatoes! YUMMY!

I hope yall had a wonderful Christmas! Check back tomorrow for Operation Finisher: Phase 2!

Till then,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Job Jumping

Hi guys!

I'm still here! Things are a bit crazy when you have three jobs! My craziest day was last Wednesday!

5:00 am Alarm goes off
5:30 am Finally roll out of bed...I snooze alot ;)
6:30 am Out the door before the sun is even up!
7:30 am Train Client: this was actually the complementary fitness assessment you get with your membership at the gym I work at.  Basically it's an other chance for us to sell training. Which FYI I believe everyone needs! 
8:30 am Secretarial Job: remember that big case that came through our CPA office...it's never ending! I had to go in that day to help with somethings.
11:00 am Watch the Blurs

Remember this cutie? The littlest Blur!

Well it all sort of worked out that I could go back and work for them. Which I love! Not only are the boys are so cute but the family in general (even Gigi, the grandmother) and I just click. This Blur is no longer the littlest Blur..as you can tell he is wearing a Big Brother shirt! Mama Blur was due at the end of the month but the newest Blur came a couple of weeks ago! Three boys! 

6:30 pm Back to the gym to train a couple of clients
9:00 pm Back home...sleeeeep!

I know I must seem insane but I don't think this will be too long term. I am blessed to have the means to pay my bills, at jobs I all like! 

Till next time,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harsh Reality: There are no excuses

So I totally was going to blog about a totally unrelated subject today. However, when I got to work today and pulled up the Yahoo homepage a story grabbed my attention, "Women loses 282 pounds."

My first thought was, "Which extreme path did she go with?" Lapban? No carbs of any kind? Eating only apples? Only juicing? Some company mailed her over proceeded food? You maybe thinking, eating only apples? I have known people who have seriously tried all of those diets.

I was very surprised, and even gave a little yahoo, when she said she is a WWer! When it comes to "diets" I'm not going to lie...I'm a snob. I don't think everyone HAS to be on WW. I do, however get really upset when I hear about people doing extreme measures to lose weight. It makes me mad when people have lapban, eat sodium packed food that is mailed to them, take fat burning pills, or cut out foods. Hear me when I say this, I'm sure there is are exceptions. Unless there is an endocrinological or other health issue, everyone is capable of losing weight. I think the girl in the video has proven that. She weighted over 500 pounds, couldn't even exercise in the beginning, and just by portion control lost weight.

I'm pretty sure that I've done a post on this before but New Years is around the corner and as some of you maybe considering which weight loss path to go, I thought it maybe good to cover again.


1. EAT THE FOOD GROUPS! Before becoming a trainer I had heard of people cutting out food groups. No fat, no sugar, or no carbs. To be honest I have always thought it was a bit odd. Even when I was younger...and fat...I knew that we were meant to eat all of the food groups...it's sort of how God made us. Yes even fat...good fat...gauc anyone? When I got into training I experienced first hand "Body  Builder" diets. Basically no or suuuuuuper low carbs. I wanted to see how it works. IT SUCKED! Here is what you eat: oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes, white fish, chicken, lean turkey, green veggies. There isn't much you can do with that list of foods seasoning wise. Eventually, you cut out the rice and sweet potato, the only carbs you are eating is your oatmeal in the morning. Let me tell ya it leaves you exhausted and crabby, which makes since because carbs is your main fuel. Did you notice the lack of fruit in the diet too? So anything that asks you to cut foods isn't healthy, not even for a few days to "jump start" the diet. I'm not to sure what needs a jump start? Your metabolism? Don't worry you will lose weight without a "jump start." There are other healthy ways to quicken your metabolism...I'll get to that in a sec.

The name of the game is portion control! Which is why I like WW, you want some pizza have...just count your points or calories...or whatever.There is no bad food, minus food made with hydrogenated oil, just food you can't eat too often. Some food is just good for the soul.

2. COOK YOUR FOOD! There are some plans out there require you to buy their food. Even one of my favorite local grab and go places, where they have organic pre-made meals, has a meal plan that does this. Here is my issue with these...you don't know how to cook healthy. You've got to learn what you like when it comes to healthy cooking. You've got to learn to not dip in for bites, for me it's when I bake, what can I say I like to lick the spoon. You've got to learn that when the recipe book says it serves 4 what that means. Those may sound odd but cook a casserole and figure out what a serving is.You can't eat their food forever.

3. LEARN TO EAT OUT!  There is always a chicken, rice, and season veggie dish at almost every restaurant...come a few months of eating basically the same dish at every restaurant in the city you will be tempted to eat more indulgent dishes. So you have to learn to portion control those indulgent dishes. Or how about those holiday parties? You go in thinking "I'll eat before." or "I'm sure they will have a healthy option." Then the yummy calorie packed food appears, what do you do? Sure eating before sounds great but let me tell you there is something about eating with friends that is good for the soul. Just like you can't live your life in the extreme of stuffing your face, you can't live in the extreme of not partaking in...life!

4. YOU WILL BE HUNGRY! I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There is no way of getting around this fact. No pill or special juice or chant will keep you from being hungry. You have to desire being healthy bad enough that a you are willing to go hungry.

5. WORKOUT! Ok so you don't have to workout to lose weight, it does help you lose weight faster. I won't go into all of the health benefits of working out...except that it speeds up your metabolism, in particular strength training. So when you strength train you are causing micro-trauma, little tears, to the muscle which then takes energy (ie food) to repair the muscle (ie building muscle). This doesn't take a couple hours...takes SEVERAL hours so your body is burning more calories than it would if you hadn't strength trained. Also if done correctly (and with out roids) girls don't bulk up. Talk to your local trainer for more information!

6. IT IS NOT GOING TO COME OFF FAST! You can pack on weight really quickly, getting it off...not so much. A healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week. Any faster you are in danger of healthy issues, we are talking internal organ issues, I have a friend who this has happened to. You are also more likely to put the weight back on if you consitantly lose more than 2lbs a week. It stinks...I know.

Losing weight isn't easy, it isn't always fun, and it isn't fast. However, it can be done...even if you are over 500 pounds. If you will excuse me I'm now going to chow down on a turkey burger and sweet potato fries...460 calories!

Till next time,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Southern Yogi

Good morning Party People!

Ok so I've been saying for a few post I'd explain more about Yoga, which FYI a Yogi is someone who practices yoga. It's taken me so long to tell yall more about it because it has taken me this long to finally make my schedule work!

As a trainer I understand the need and importance of stretcthing I however find it incredible dull. After I get done workingout I usually just want to head home, not lie around touching my toes. The last few week though I've noticed I'm pretty tight in my legs...which could result in knee issues when I start to run next week. Since I'm not a fan of stretching I figured I better get into a Yoga class. I'm alot more likely to do something if I am in a class. After all thats how this whole fitness thing began.
*Side note* If you have a gym that offers classes take every class that you can. You never know what you may like. Turns out I feel in love with cycling, which all I could think of was the scene from Fever Pitch where the instructor yells at them.

When you are a trainer and work as many jobs as I do squeezing a workout is hard enough, let alone making a scheduled time is a small miracle. So last night I left job number 3 and headed over to the gym where I attacked the Beast for 45 minutes before heading over to Yoga.

It's probably been about 2 years and 40lbs heavier since I last took a Yoga class. For those who don't know there are different types of Yoga. I was hoping the yoga class I was going to was of the Hatha kind, basic, slow pace, and gentle stretching. Verses Power yoga, which I really enjoy but flows through poses to quickly get the stretching I was looking for. I lucked out, the classes ended up being of the Hatha persuasion.

I won't take you through the class but I will share what I learned.

1. I will always feel like an idiot.
2. I am incredible inflexible...not really a shocker since I don't stretch
3. My hamstrings and hip flexors are incredible tight. On poses that your heels are suppose to be on the floor mine weren't.
4. Holding the "Chair" after doing the Beast is tough. Next time no high physical cardio before yoga.
4. I enjoyed the Orchestra versions of Smooth Criminal and Welcome to the Jungle that was playing. ;)
5. I will always feel like an idiot.

I really enjoyed the class...for the most part. I don't think I will ever truly be a Yogi or look like this guy...

but if it gets me limber and a injury free runner then I will show up every once in a while...when I squeeze it in.

Till next time Namaste,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Randomness from last week

I figured yall might want to know went on between me making To Do lists and having jello arms, so I’ll start earlier in the week.

Tuesdays is one of the days I am a receptionist at a very small executive suites. Within the suit is a CPA firm that does some sort of specialized CPAing. Well they have a big case coming up that I have been helping on and off again with. Their document intake chick’s, she deals with organizing all the paper work the CPAs will look at, computer crashed and between that and the sheer amount of work to be done I worked on it all day…and ended up being asked to come in Wednesday…by the afternoon I was told to just take over the project. I think I spent and extra 10 hours working on it. I’m not sure exactly how much is left to be done, which has been the frustrating part of taking over something I don’t fully understand midway.

After work and before Bible Study I got to Skype with these three…

Mrs. Blueberry, Mr. DJ, and Little Man!

They have been in NYC for about a month and all of us agreed that it still doesn’t quite feel like they have moved but are rather on vacation. Mr. DJ asked Little man who I was and he said “Aunt Rachel”…which more comes out sounding “Angel.” It was good talking to them and before we signed off I was told “Next time you have an extra $200 we know how you can spend it!” I’ve been to NYC before, twice, I defiantly have done the tourist thing so it would be fun to live like a real NYCer! 

Sunday’s are my weight in days, I’m down 1.6 lbs…161.4. Which I will definitely take. I didn’t get as much workouts in as I had liked. It was a hectic between work at the reception job and then training people till 7:30…11 hour days. It was good to put my self in the shoes of my clients, working all day and trying to squeeze in workouts. I had eaten sensibility all week but my mom came in town Friday night and I enjoyed Fajitas and a margarita! So pulling a 1.6 loss is more than ok with me.

I left for church and the weather was balmy and overcast…when we left for lunch it was cold and rainy. My plan was to walk, I hadn’t walked much earlier in the week and I start running in a week. However, the idea of walking 3.2 miles on a treadmill is just horrific idea. I waited till the rain died down and ended up going for a walk in this…

It was drizzley and cold but nice, I had the sweet sounds of these 5 guys…

Ok so when I think of Christmas music I am more a classic traditional girl. My favorite CD is a mix I made of Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, and the men of the Rat Pack. However, then I was in middle school I may have been a little obsessed with NSync. So it’s like the only contemporary Christmas music I like. How can you beat cheesy lines like “Snowflake melts in your eye turns a tear, but your cheek stays dry with your warm smile so near, I have no fear we are going to make it!” In case you are wondering…I was always a JC girl. ;)

Well I’m off to job number 3…wait what? More on that tomorrow!

Till then,