Monday, December 5, 2011

Randomness from last week

I figured yall might want to know went on between me making To Do lists and having jello arms, so I’ll start earlier in the week.

Tuesdays is one of the days I am a receptionist at a very small executive suites. Within the suit is a CPA firm that does some sort of specialized CPAing. Well they have a big case coming up that I have been helping on and off again with. Their document intake chick’s, she deals with organizing all the paper work the CPAs will look at, computer crashed and between that and the sheer amount of work to be done I worked on it all day…and ended up being asked to come in Wednesday…by the afternoon I was told to just take over the project. I think I spent and extra 10 hours working on it. I’m not sure exactly how much is left to be done, which has been the frustrating part of taking over something I don’t fully understand midway.

After work and before Bible Study I got to Skype with these three…

Mrs. Blueberry, Mr. DJ, and Little Man!

They have been in NYC for about a month and all of us agreed that it still doesn’t quite feel like they have moved but are rather on vacation. Mr. DJ asked Little man who I was and he said “Aunt Rachel”…which more comes out sounding “Angel.” It was good talking to them and before we signed off I was told “Next time you have an extra $200 we know how you can spend it!” I’ve been to NYC before, twice, I defiantly have done the tourist thing so it would be fun to live like a real NYCer! 

Sunday’s are my weight in days, I’m down 1.6 lbs…161.4. Which I will definitely take. I didn’t get as much workouts in as I had liked. It was a hectic between work at the reception job and then training people till 7:30…11 hour days. It was good to put my self in the shoes of my clients, working all day and trying to squeeze in workouts. I had eaten sensibility all week but my mom came in town Friday night and I enjoyed Fajitas and a margarita! So pulling a 1.6 loss is more than ok with me.

I left for church and the weather was balmy and overcast…when we left for lunch it was cold and rainy. My plan was to walk, I hadn’t walked much earlier in the week and I start running in a week. However, the idea of walking 3.2 miles on a treadmill is just horrific idea. I waited till the rain died down and ended up going for a walk in this…

It was drizzley and cold but nice, I had the sweet sounds of these 5 guys…

Ok so when I think of Christmas music I am more a classic traditional girl. My favorite CD is a mix I made of Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, and the men of the Rat Pack. However, then I was in middle school I may have been a little obsessed with NSync. So it’s like the only contemporary Christmas music I like. How can you beat cheesy lines like “Snowflake melts in your eye turns a tear, but your cheek stays dry with your warm smile so near, I have no fear we are going to make it!” In case you are wondering…I was always a JC girl. ;)

Well I’m off to job number 3…wait what? More on that tomorrow!

Till then,

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