Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Operation Finisher: Phase 2

Happy Thursday!

So here it is the 29th and Phase 2 finally got underway yesterday...a couple of weeks late but still just as excited! I did a little non-gym prep for this phase. 

I went to a local shoe store, Luke's Locker,  to get new running shoes. I wanted them to look at my strides and all that. First he looked at the way I walked. My diagnosis: underpornation with a late ball foot strike. After that was established he picked a couple shoes to correct my underpornation and give me the flexibility for a ball foot striker. Then he watched me run and asked how I they felt. Then he's have me try on another pair of shoes and watch me run again. After nixing a couple of pairs, I landed these!

They are Asics, which I have grown up being a New Balance girl but I wanted to try out something new. These were also lighter and more flexible than the NB option I had. I was hoping whichever shoe I needed would be sassy and fun...which I think the BRIGHT pink is. I've had them for a month or so and have been dying to try them while running! I highly suggest getting fitted for shoes. It's free at most running stores and is one aspect of keeping you injury free!

Ok phase 2 is pretty simple. On the strength side I'll be going back to a three day split, legs; shoulder, bis, and tris; and back, continuing to increase loads in such a way that I will be nice and lean...no bulking here! 

As far as the running I'm on a new plan to run a 5K by late February via Mi Coach. Taking it nice and slow for the knee. I haven't landed on a 5K to run yet...maybe something in March? 

I was looking forward to trying the new shoes out on my favorite route. However, I had to squeeze in my run between a client and nannying so the dreadmill it was for me!As you can tell from above, my runs won't be too long for awhile. My run yesterday was 5 min walk, 1 min run, 1 min walk repeat 3 times, and end with a 5 min walk. The knee felt fine during the run. Post run a bit ache and today fine!

My next run is tomorrow. The yellow indicates a faster speed...and looking at the length I'd say they are 30 second...so sprints...just two of them. It seems on the Pansy side but this is suppose to be a gradual and not overwhelming training process. Slow and steady wins the race but I can be impatient...

Till next time,

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