Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Job Jumping

Hi guys!

I'm still here! Things are a bit crazy when you have three jobs! My craziest day was last Wednesday!

5:00 am Alarm goes off
5:30 am Finally roll out of bed...I snooze alot ;)
6:30 am Out the door before the sun is even up!
7:30 am Train Client: this was actually the complementary fitness assessment you get with your membership at the gym I work at.  Basically it's an other chance for us to sell training. Which FYI I believe everyone needs! 
8:30 am Secretarial Job: remember that big case that came through our CPA office...it's never ending! I had to go in that day to help with somethings.
11:00 am Watch the Blurs

Remember this cutie? The littlest Blur!

Well it all sort of worked out that I could go back and work for them. Which I love! Not only are the boys are so cute but the family in general (even Gigi, the grandmother) and I just click. This Blur is no longer the littlest Blur..as you can tell he is wearing a Big Brother shirt! Mama Blur was due at the end of the month but the newest Blur came a couple of weeks ago! Three boys! 

6:30 pm Back to the gym to train a couple of clients
9:00 pm Back home...sleeeeep!

I know I must seem insane but I don't think this will be too long term. I am blessed to have the means to pay my bills, at jobs I all like! 

Till next time,

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