Sunday, November 20, 2011

So what if it's the Holidays?

Ok we're friends right? So let's be real.

Right around the time I was about to hit goal, fellow WWers were telling me that Maintenance would be the hardest part. I thought "Naaaah, not me!" Then the real world hit. The last few months, maybe the last eight months, have been stressful; from living at home, moving into my first real adult apartment,  becoming a trainer, and other personal things. When I get stressed out I have a tendency to eat the stress away...or really attempt to because let's face the facts can't eat the stress away. Which I defiantly learned while losing weight...however the last few months I've sorta reverted back to the old ways, ie I've put back a few lbs. To be honest I'm not a 100% sure how much I weight, you start to avoid the scale, another old tactic. I have a feeling it's around 15 lbs, which on a 5' 4" is no bueno. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I weight in. 

For my age, sex, and height my healthy weight range is between 110-145. When I joined WW my original goal was 135, something sorta in the middle. Then I decided that I should first strive for the top of my healthy weight range, 145, which is the goal weight I hit March 2010. 

It's said that 90% people put back the weight they lose. Well I REFUSE to be part of that 90%! Firstly, hello I'm a Personal Trainer...need I say more? Second, relying on food is not that answer for when you (the collective you that is) are stressed out. Giving control is something I struggle with so I have to learn to trust the Lord, that no matter what is going on in my life I am relying on Him. Third, I have BIG dreams when it comes to fitness...MS 150...NYC Marathon...Ironman. I don't want to just complete a ride or a race I want to have some crazy PR story in both my sports. 

So the plan this time around is to reach and MAINTAIN 135. However, I will be calorie counting this time around with my calorie point being 1,200 calories a day, which is 2lbs a week. It doesn't sound like much but I was thinking about it and if WW says you can lose up to 2 lbs a week with their point system which must equate to around 1,200 calories. Plus with the amount of training I am doing earning some extra calories for the holidays should be too much of a problem. Which brings me too...

In case you are wondering, yes I realize that I am starting this three days before Thanksgiving. But I know that not only maintaining weight during the holidays is possible but that you can shed some lbs too. No matter what the season the name of the game is always portion control. With that being said here is the plan for this week.

1. Burn a minimum of 500 calories 4 days a week this week
2. 2 leg workouts, 1 upper
3. 3 days x 3.2  miles walking= 9.6 miles
4. 1 cross training day done in Zone 4 (more on this tomorrow)
5. 1 yoga day (more on this...later this week)
6. Stay within 1,200 Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday
7. Eat a good Thanksgiving but no pigging out...that portion control thing. 
8. Don't stress if all of this weeks goals aren't hit just strive to do my best.

Alrighty here we go! 

Till tomorrow,

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