Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales from the Weight Loss Road: Week 3

Do you know what a portion size is? I think we have all heard about how over the years restaurants sizes have increased. Have you ever stopped to think about the portions you are eating at home?

If you are like the way I was you fill your plate or bowl to the brim. So you maybe aware of the calories your food is however, what is the difference between a small and medium potato? Here is a link to help.

Also read the nutrition panel. Did you know that a serving of most cereals is 3/4 a cup...which believe me if you are eyeballing it is smaller than you think. Also depending on the bread brand a serving of bread maybe 1 slice or 2. Did you know that 3oz of white meat chicken is different is less calories than dark meat chicken? So what is my tip of the week?

Week 3: Know how much a serving is then measure it out.

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