Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too tired to think of witty title

Hiya! Can I just say I am so ready for the weekend!?! It's been one of those weeks.

Thus far I have day. Lets back up. Monday I worked an atypical early morning and evenings are out because of bible it was my birthday. Tuesday I worked all day so I hit up a spin class. OH MY GOODNESS. Monday night I only got something like 5 hours of sleep. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or the cake & ice cream the night before but that was one of the toughest classes! We did hills...BIG hills! A 9, a couple of 8s, and a handful of
7->8s. However, I pushed through and left feeling a sense of accomplishment...and jello legged.

Wednesday was a beautiful H-Town winter afternoon...sunny and a high of 72. Perfect for a run! This week is Week 2 of C25K, 90 seconds run, 2 minute walk for a total of 20 min. When I first saw this weeks plan I thought, 2 minutes walking intervals...thats too long. Nope nope. Go figure the creators of C25K actually know what they were doing. Those 30 extra seconds of running need that extra minute to recover before the next interval. So overall this week felt a lot like last week. I've heard that week 3 is a toughest week.

Last night I thought I would hit up the gym and the dreaded treadmill this evening. However, as last wore on and turned into early Thursday morning it looked like I wasn't going to get enough sleep to have a quality run...I was right. I got 4 hours sleep. The rest of my runs will go down tomorrow and Sunday with an elliptical sesh Saturday. I got home from really bad traffic completely exhausted that even opening and heating up a can of soup sounded like too much effort just to kill hunger pains. I opted for a huge bowl of cereal...don't worry I wasn't to tired to not measured it. This will however leave me under my points for the day...a big no no in the WW world. Maybe I'll make another trip to the kitchen before I crash...nah. 7:45 to early for bed? Nah!


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