Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tales from the Weight Loss Road: Week 2

Happy Saturday! Did you look at WL plans? Did you find one that suits you? I'd love to hear about them!

I started my WLJ on January 5 knowing a month and half later I was going to have surgery. Experience had taught me not to start working out when I'd have to stop for an unknown amount of time as I recovered. I knew if I started; made progress, digressed during recover, and started up again I'd be upset about the ground I had lost. I knew that WW would work just by following don't have to work out to lose weight. Hear me though: Working out is super IMPORTANT for your health. Whether you are at a healthy weight or not. There are numerous benefits to being active no matter what weight you are, but I won't bore with them.

I decided to use the month and half prior to surgery to focus on my eating. Turns out BEST move ever!

Can't believe I'm putting this picture up...however its the only picture in the time between starting WW and surgery. I was probably down 7 or so lbs.

Week 2: Don't change everything at once

During that month and half I spent time learning the WW's point system. I figured out how many points I wanted for each meal and which foods to buy. I picked up a WW cookbook and cooked a lot. In that learning time I lost 10.5 lbs in 6 weeks just by changing my eating!

I think this is so important. Believe me there are plenty of successful people who started completely afresh, new eating and new workout habits all at once. I think so often that people try to change everything at once and get overwhelmed by all the changes. I think back to my first workout after recovery and how just walking on a treadmill at a SLLLLOW speed for 30 minutes was painful. I would have felt so defeated by the enormity of all the changes. However, I knew I could do this. I had lost 10.5 lbs by sticking to the plan, which got easier as I figured things out. If I stuck with my workouts I would see results and it would get easier.

Maybe you need to start a new day and change everything at once. I tried that and this is what worked for me...maybe it could work for you. Do what you need to but either way DO IT!

This week make one change. I would suggest changing to a new eating plan first. Have a 6 week adjustment and learning period before your next change.

On a random note; take a really good before picture. You will want to SEE the changes.

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