Friday, January 21, 2011

Race Rachel Race

Phew! Yall still there? I am? No I am I am!

So I started to look for a 10K race that I'd want to run. I don't know if it's the area I live in but 10Ks seem to be the forgotten middle child of the running world. But I found one. Then I started looking at all of the fun runs throughout 2011. So here is my race first race a friend of mine says "Lord willing and the creek don't rise!"

This race was chosen basically because it fell right when my C25K plan ends. However, I'm thinking this is going to be a fun run. Their site says there is "music and hoopla" along the course. I thought this course would be around Reliant, where the Rodeo is held, but the race actually takes place downtown. It is the Houston Rodeo so it should be fun!

This race just seemed like a fun idea. I'm part Irish and thought it would be a fun way to celebrate and something to do between my 5K and 10K. It's a 5K and 10K event but I won't be ready for a 10K till early April.

My first 10K! Green 6.2 if you couldn't guess by the name is a green events. The route is unique in that it winds around the neighborhood around City Center and ends at Ruggles Green, a restaurant in the middle of City Center.

The Lone Star Stampede is a revenge event. I "ran" this event a couple of years ago. I wanted to run this event but at the end of the day I just wasn't motivated enough to train. I think it was a mind issue...I was probably in the high 100s when I was training and thought I was too big to run a 5k. I walked 3/4 of the race. It starts outside UT Med Branch since all proceeds go to their scholarship fund. The course is flat...well the 5K part is at least. I'm not sure if I'll run the 5 or 10K. This race is a couple of weeks after the Green 6.2 so who knows yet how I'll feel.

I'll probably run the Run Wild 5K July 4th...however there really isn't much information yet. Guess we will have to see about this one.

Ok this race is a couple of weeks before my half IDK what training proticol says so I'm not sure if I'll be running the 10 or 5K. However this t0o is a revenage race. I was suppose to run this one in 2010 but injured my knee the first time I ran 5 miles derailing 5K, 10K and half marathon dreams for 2010. I'm not really thrilled about the local, even though it's the closest race to my home, it starts/ends in Sam Houston Race Way...the dog & horse track. However, it's Houston's Halloween race. Come on I just want an excuse to run in a tutu!

I first saw a flyer about this race 3 years ago. I had just started my WLJ and was shoe shopping with my dad. I love SA and the series just looks like so much fun. I told my dad that if I ever ran a half or full marathon that I wanted RNR SA to be my first one. So two years later I started training for it and then above mention knee injury nixed RNR for 2010. I know I could pick a half sooner than this one but like I said I want THIS to be my first one and so it will!

So there you go. That is my race schedule for 2011. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling strong. I'm feeling motivated. I can't wait to rock my first REAL 5K!

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