Sunday, January 2, 2011

Running straight into the new decade!

Good evening party people! Hope your New Years was as eventful as mine!

I spent New Years Eve with friends at a house party where I had my first experience with karaoke. We were doubly was the hostess birthday that evening as well. I chose the classic The Mamas and Papas' California Dreamin'...I would have made my dad proud. My love of 50s and 60s music came from him. I took lead while the 15 or so in the audience did back up. Then the birthday girl and her hubby took the stage...

They took on Queen's Bohemian you can tell it was quite entertaining!

It was the perfect way to roll into a new decade!

Every Sunday night I sit down look at the classes I want to take at gym...and which locations depending on my schedule that week. This past the little blurs where still out of school but their mama took the week off from work so my schedule was day-to-day and totally random. From Monday my workout schedule was out the window. That being said...I sadly didn't make it to one strength training class. However I did; run 4 days, took 1 cycle class, and rode my bike. Overall I'd say it was a successful workout week.

How and who did you spend your New Years?

Well I'm off to make this weeks schedule! Tomorrow is a much needed rest day! Thanks to Larry and Suzi for the photos!


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