Friday, January 14, 2011

Lifting + Spin= SORE

Hi ya! How has your week been? This week went by so fast!

Tuesday evening I was in no mood to go to do the elliptical for an hour. However, I could tell I was in one of those moods where once I get there and going I'd be ok. Well I was on my way to the cardio area of the gym when I ran into these two...

Old pic of Mrs. Mayflower, Mr. DJ, and I.

Who had just gotten gym membership and were trying out a spin class. They had seen me come in and had saved me a bike. Spin trumps elliptical any day! It was a full class which I always enjoy and the music and workout were pretty good. The only problem was that the instructor used a 1-4 gage instead of the 1-10 I'm used to...I think my hills may have been a bit steeper than he had intended. Oh well I danced those peddles!

Wednesday was Week 3 Day 2 of C25K. However, before I hit the road I did a weight sessh with Mrs. Mayflower. Which turns out wasn't the smartest move. My legs were jello on my run so I wasn't as strong as I was for Day 1. Other than that the run was pretty good; two rounds of run 90 secs, walk 90 secs, run 3 min, walk 2 min.

Thursday I headed back to the gym with another spin class for some crosstraining. OMG! That was a hard class. The instructor did a lot of jump sprints and hovering which I've hardly ever seen an instructor do. Talk about working the glutes! So between Wednesdays lifting and Thursdays spin my legs are so sore! I decided to move todays run to tomorrow and finish the week with a run on Sunday.

How was your week? Do anything exciting...workout wise or not.

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