Saturday, December 25, 2010

You've got to have Eyes of a Tiger

Well I weighted in this morning with only 1.3 gain. I'll take it with knowing all of the yummy eats I enjoyed this past week. Here is a tip: If you typically don't weight yourself pretty regularly weight yourself, weight yourself before the holidays. That way when the goodies are out of the house you know exactly how much damage you did and can IMEDIATLY take care of it! It may only be 1.3 gain this year but multiple that times 20 years? Yea you can do the math on that one. On to some, what I feel is exciting news!

The first thing you do when trying to lose weight is set a weight goal, mine was 85lbs, 225-145. However, you don't want to look at the big picture to often. 85lbs can be daunting, so I set mini goals of 5lbs.

This past fall I was training for a half marathon set for mid November. I was pushing myself and felt that I overall was doing pretty well. I think I may have pushed myself a bit harder than was wise and ended up with a knee injury squashing my half marathon dreams...for th time being.

I've strengthened the knee and mentally hyped myself up for the training to come. This time around I'm planning on taking training ultra conservative. I'll apply the same principal as with my weight loss by setting mini goals, 5K, 10K, Half. After looking at several training plans I've landed on the C25K, Couch to 5k. It is a 9 week plan...that has an iPhone app that uses your iTunes! SCORE! I'll start training today thus putting week 9 at February 26. I've decided to run the...

This should be interesting given that I'll be skiing during week little gym where we are staying.

This time around I'll so be doing some Crosstraining. I've tried sticking with weight lifting plans but I'm a social little butterfly and for this butterfly just listening to my iPod just doesn't do it for me. Since I don't have a gym buddy I'll have to do the next best strength training classes. Now I don't know anyone in these classes and even though I'm a social butterfly, I'm a bit shy when first meeting people.

However, I've discovered dispite the fact that I may leave a class not talking to one person just being surrounded by people gives me that social aspect I need. So I'll be taking two strengting training classes a week.

When I first joined my gym I tried a lot of different classes. One that kind of was intimidating was cycling classes. I had pictures of natzi spin in structors yelling at me. Also the idea of sitting in a saddle for an hour? However, my dad rides road bikes and got me to agree to ride a 25 mile ride. So I hit up a cycle class to help with training.

Well I fell in love with cycle classes! The first class was def extermely hard. I however have a policy of never leaving a class so I toughed out that first class. I loved loud blood pumping music and there are some amazing instructors. One of my favotire insturctors says funny things like "Dance your peddles!" or "Ride like Lance!"So I'll be doing that a couple times a week as well.

So here is a lesson from me to you.

1. Find what works for you. I know that if I'm planning on doing the elliptical I HAVE to have a book to that I've never read before. As I said I know that I either need to take a lift class or have a buddy.

2. Don't be afraid to try new things! I discovered that I LOVE cycle. Maybe for you its Kickboxing. I have a friend who has been trying to get me to Zumba so hopefully here soon my schedule will line up with hers so I can give it a go.

3. Once you have found what you like and what works for you set a fitness goal. Maybe you want to run a race or ride a ride. Perhaps you would like to bench press XX amount of weight or do the elliptical for an hour. Set a goal, have Eyes of a Tiger on that goal, and once you reach your goal tell a friend and do some celebrateing!



  1. Ive wanted to try C25K! Seems doable :)

  2. Katie, its TOTALLY doable! Its the perfect amount of training, not to long or short. At the end of the first day you feel like you have accomplished something!

  3. Hi, just found your site! Congrats on your WLJ! I'm in Houston too, the Rodeo run looks fun, I've been looking for a race to run soon.

    Marg @