Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Undying Determination"

I'm really excited about this next coming week! One main reason is that the house will finally be rid of these...

This was just the beginning of the Christmas goodie pile. We added a pie and Mexican Cornbread to the pile...minus the Christmas morning feast and Christmas dinner of course. While last year I was freakishly strict on my eating, this year I was a little more lenient. Weighting in tomorrow should be interesting. However, this is one reason why I want to be well under the top of my healthy weight range. Some treats like Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies, boxes of chocolate, Puppy Chow, Sausage balls, and fudge like Christmas only come once a year. Now I'm not saying its a free for all but you have to have a good size sampling of everything!

In addition to being back to my normal eating this week is also the return of the gym...which got nixed after last week's craziness. Which I'm SUPER excited about! Let me explain...

A yesterday I read a blog by Page over at Twenty-six and then some. She talked about being passionate about her job and her running. Which is two things I'm working on! I'm determined to pass my Personal Training certification test. I've taken this stupid test 4 times to no avail, however, I'm determined to pass the darn thing.

My second goal is to run a half marathon. Running is in my view one of the toughest "sports." For me, probably with the first 4 minutes my body is telling me to stop running. My mind is being rational and telling me that my energy systems are kicking in. After that I'm good till I starting adding milage because thats when my mind finally goes. I start telling myself that I'm crazy and that running 6 miles is impossible. Some how I gut it out and start the whole process over a few days later.

Both passing my PT and finishing a half marathon are part of this whole boost my confidence thing. I think it's important to dream dreams and then to fight for these dreams. Now when I was a little girl I dreamed of being a Rock Star...I don't have a good enough voice to be a Rock Star. However, I am good at training and I can run and have always dreamed of being a real runner. Sometimes you just need some Undying determination.

Look for my training plan and some tips I've learned along the way. Between then and now what are you dreams? How are you reaching them?


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