Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top of the afternoon to ya

Well this morning I rolled out of bed at 10:30. I think it may have to do with my new morning routine. The routine is the same every morning...there is however a huge discrepancy in the wake times. I'm a nanny and some days I don't have to be with the kids till the afternoon...others I'm at work at 8am. Which means a 5am wake up call, like yesterday morning.Either way my routine is as follow:

1. Head to...

Note: Yes this is my drink of the day. Yes I know it's mid December however Houston has what I like to lovingly call schizo weather...

2. Then I settle into this beastly book.

I've found that like working out I need to get out of the house to be disciplined enough to dig into my Bible. To be honest, which is the whole point of this bloggy, I've been horrible about reading my Bible and prayer. I think part of it is that if I know I'm suppose to do something (reading the Bible or anything else)...I just don't. Which is one of the most ridiculous ways to live your life in general...even more ridiculous when you apply it to getting to know the Creator of everything. When He has done SO much for me, that whole sending His Son to die on the Cross is just a minor beginning, and I'm pathetic enough to have any sort of excuse? As a friend of mine likes to say "You little sinner." However thank God for really THANK YOU!

On tap the rest of the day?
Studying (more on that one later) and Spin

So what's your morning routine? What does you HAVE to do/have or your day is just off?

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