Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So here is the skinny

I was over weight for 23 years of my 25 years. At my highest I weighted in at a whopping 225 on a petit 5'4". Several factors played into how I got so heavy; 10 years of chronic headaches, enabling parents, and the classic emotional eating. Well after having surgery to correct the headaches and generally being tired of being obese I joined weight watchers, WW Jan 2009.
My 23rd birthday...two days before I joined WW.

In march 2010 I hit goal, 145 which is the top of my healthy weight range. However I'm back in losing mode 8 months later to drop an additional 20 lbs. There are two motives behind this.

1. I want some wiggle room for birthdays, holidays, and just life. If I'm at the top of my healthy weight range and the holidays hit and I put back a temporary few lbs I'm no longer healthy.
2. I still see fat. Now I know some of that has to do with being obese for so many years. However I do think dropping a few more help with this, knowing I'm not on the verge of being overweight due to reason number 1.

This blog will document my last bit of makeover. This last 20 lbs is more about a confidence makeover than the weight itself. So how does that happen? Well you will just have to stay tuned to find out.

This is the journey from fat girl to skinny girl to confident girl...well a more confident girl.

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