Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Affair

One of the things I love about where I live is there are several places were I can run. If I go outside my front door I'm on a marked side walk that loops around a neighborhood for a total of 2 miles. If I drive 5 minutes I'm close to a few paths and an entrance to the big preserve in the area, which is where I did my long run on Sunday. Once again it was a beautiful coolish day and once again I pushed through the run. However, I noticed that my wall came later in the run...progress!

I looked at the calendar and I'm on track to finish training mid-March...which means a St. Pattys Day run!

I'm excited at the prospects of dressing up in a ridiculous green costume for my first run! I called my dad to see if he'd be up celebrating our ancestry via a 5K. He was. My stepmom who has watched my dad run many marathons, even a 50K trail run, seemed adamant against anything other than a power walk said she would join us. Then I got a call from my stepmom yesterday..."Guess who is going to join the run!" The youngest stepbrophes.

Suddenly this has turned into a family affair! My stepmom joked, "We better get a good dinner out of this!" I reminded her that it's a morning run so maybe a brunch...sayings it's St. Patty's Day I wonder if  we could find some green Mimosas?

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