Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A real runner?

I had originally planned on doing my long run last Friday but (yup a but) Wednesday I had hopped on a cycle bike at the gym and my knee had not been happy with that decision. So I let my knee rest the remainder of the week. Sunday my knee felt that it could handle a kettle bell workout, which was pretty awesome!

So last night after watching the Blurs most of the day and training a client I hoped on a treadmill...and talked to a good friend on the phone for like 10 minutes. He is doing some graphic design (Wait...what...why!?! For that you are going to have to read on Thursday!) for me and now lives in NYC so we had to squeeze in a phone call to discuss the direction things were going. We were almost done when I realized I was one of THOSE ppl. Yea the ones that sits on a machine and talks on the phone the whole time. However, I've been a gym goer for three years and it's the only time I've every done that! I did however apologize to the lady next to me...

Anyways we wrapped things up and I started my MiCoah app for my long run...which was a whopping 12 minutes long! OMG right!?! I knew this wasn't going to be a fun run because 1. I was running on the dreadmill 2. I never can figure out the right speed on those stupid things. Ok partly because I never run on them to figure out what speed I need. 3. For whatever reason it was really hot in the gym. So I got my game face on...which according to some co-workers I really do make a mean looking face when I'm in a tough workout, lol! I picked my favorite band, August Burns Red to scream at me to keep going...which they did.

 About 4 minutes into the run I knew I was going too fast and wouldn't make it through the workout...stupid machine! So I bumped the speed down a bit and I consecrated on breathing deeply since my breathing was not sounding good. As my breathing got better was when I hit the wall. While there really is physical wall that people hit, all that lactic acid science stuff, I think my wall is more mental. My eyes kept drifting to the red stop button and at one point rested on it. Once again I knew that if I didn't push through I wouldn't run again. I looked at the time left...a little over half way...WHAT!?! I turned up the music and got mean. I thought about anything else but what I was physically feeling. I thought about the fact that this would be easier outside so just push through this one workout. I thought about finishing and then adding miles...which might seem odd. All I want to do is to be able to run 3 miles and the only way to do that was to finish this tiny 12 minute run. Finally I made it!

Later as I was getting in my car I thought to myself, "Well that wasn't too bad. Why was I such a pansy?" It's funny how soon after I had pushed out the pain I had just been in and thought to myself "Can't wait till the next run." I wonder...does this mean I'm a real runner?

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