Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm not that dedicated!

How was yall's weekend?

Mine was peachy! Friday night was my birthday extravaganza! We had dinner at Freebirds and then some of us went down to Washington to get our groove on. ;) There are pictures on my camera but I can't find the cord...fail I know.

Saturday I had a client and the rest of the day lounging around watching movies and cooking. I watched Midnight in Paris

Which was a HUUUUUGE disapointment. I love Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson but it quickly became background noise while surfed the web. 

It was better than Midnight in Paris...but for a while I was totally lost. I had trouble following the science meets technology thing going on. But overall I liked it.

This all of this was going on I decided to cook some WW meals. It's been hard to find time to cook. I usually am getting home around 8:30 or 9:00 and who wants to cook that late. So I whined up eating a sandwich...and I get bored real quick of the same food over and over again.

On top is Sage Chicken and Potatoes, which turned out to be a stew. Bottom is Lemon Rice Salad. I went ahead and put them into serving size containers ready to grab for lunch or for plopping on the coach. I also made cornmeal pancakes, half of which I froze. 

Sunday night I mentally prepared myself to run early-ish Monday morning. I awoke the next morning to the world ending outside my window...

It was nutzo how loud the storm was. I'll run in the rain but I won't be swept off to Oz...I'm not that dedicated to running! Needless to say running outside was out and I was in no mood to fight the storm to the gym. I rolled back over and sleep a bit longer before heading to work. The rain had calmed a bit but by that point the streets of Houston had flooded. Also not before a few houses got flooded and a tornado touched down. My little coupe and I charged our way to work despite the SUVs who were pansies and blocking the streets. 

I did finally get a run in last night on the dreadmill. Easy 1 min run, 1 min walk x 3 repeat. Tonight is some stairbeast/ellitical crosstraining. 

Big news in the works stay tune!

Till then,

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