Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a young girl who grew up over weight, that by the time she was in college she weighted 225 lbs. on her petite 5'4" frame.

Finally one day she was tired of being overweight and decided to do something about it. After a year and half of hard work she finally hit her goal weight.

Hitting goal, 145 lbs.

She was so inspired and in love with fitness that she wanted to help others, so became a Certified Personal Trainer.

I was hired at a big corporate gym!

 Then one day things started to crumble and the weight crept back on. The girl was left feeling like a failure and humiliate because this one time persona trainer had put back nearly all of the weight. 

One day the girl's  roommate said, "I wanna ride the 2014 MS 150!"

The girl at one point been a cyclist, riding in a couple of local rides, and being a cycle class fanatic. 

First ride with dad, who got me into cycling. 

So the girl in her quest to go from flab back to fab is training to ride the 180 miles from Houston to Austin raising money for multiple sclerosis research. 

Let the training begin!

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