Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Calories, Calories"

One of my favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. I love the small town southern-ness of it all. My favorite scene is  when Dolly Parton's charter is eating a piece of wedding cake  at Shelby's wedding, when some chick reminds her, "Calories, calories."

S, the roommate, and I have been riding for about a month now. We started off with a measly 4 miles, not even half way through I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. However, the next day we did 7 miles and a week after our first ride we were up to 10 miles.

Which is one of the reasons why I love riding. Most beginner running plans have you start off with making gains by 1 min, not miles. For fluffy girls it is a lot more encouraging to see double digit miles rather, "Yahoo I ran 2 minutes straight!"

S has really been the driving force in Project 150. She was the one who thought to ride 150 and to do a ride in September. I did however, know we need a goal sooner than September. So after some googling I found a ride in late July in our area. S and I agreed that we would do the 21 mile course. I knew that by late July we would actually be able to ride longer than 21 miles, however it's S' first ride and it's JULY in TEXAS!

While we were discussing our riding schedule I mentioned to S, "You know we should be able to do the 63 mile course in September." She was a bit skeptical. She had just upgraded from her Target hybrid and was still getting used to her road bike but I told her all we would have to do is add 3.5 miles per long ride and we would be ready.

So that has been the plan, which meant an 18.5 miler was on tap for this weekend. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the ride saying after our 15 mile rides both S and I have been exhausted. The only thing I could think of was; calories, calories.

I called the endurance guru, my dad. Dad has mainly been a runner, running in several marathons. He is also who got me into cycling and has ridden a several rides.  I asked him when we needed to start worrying about nutrition since we are starting to get up in our milage. He reminded me that on rides there will be stops every 6-10 miles and that we should start training with that in mind. Well darn. All we had been taking with us was water...which I usually came back with my Camelbak still pretty full. What can I say I don't like water.

The plan was to stop every 6 miles to fuel up...and for me to drinking water every other song on the iPod. This would be the first time I had done this on a training ride. I ate a bigger breakfast than I had on previous training mornings and loaded up with fueling goodies.

I packed my Camel for while I was in the saddle, the water bottle for when I stopped, half a bagel, and a Poweraid apple squeeze (which was my favorite). 

I got to my favorite park a little after 9am, later than our normal start times, and the temperature was already 86 degrees. When mile 6 came around I hopped off Beca and quickly realized how the heat of my late start had taken its toll. I sat, ate a few chunks of bagel, sipped on, and let my heart rate come down. 

After a couple of minutes I was ready to go again. I made three stops total and could feel the difference that fueling up was making. My legs felt fresh after the calories, calories and it gave my hands and tush a chance to get the blood flowing again. Turns out nutrition was the missing link to our rides!

Wonder if bring a slice of cake would be a good idea for our next ride?


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