Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to Fight

Phew! Can I just say I don’t think I’ve squealed or jumped up and down as much as I did Sunday? Saturday after my test I called all friends who knew I was taking my certification test. However, because I kept the test on the down low there was about an additional 12 or so people from church that I had to tell that not only had I taken it but had passed. The common response was a scream followed by a huge hug and followed by jumping. I was wearing ballet flats that were a bit too big which made not looking awkward while jumping challenging.

I am so BLESSED by my church family. My mother had paid for my certification program. However, after failing with that particular program several times several church members paid to send me to the Cooper Institute in Dallas where I could have a week of in class teaching. They believed in me even when I did…when I was wondering if I had discerned God’s will for my life correctly. They told me it was all about God’s timing. I had come to a point where the mere thought of studying and taking that test again made me want to cry. Turns out they were right…more than they probably realize.

I’m not a stick with type of person. I don’t get stubburn and dig in my heals. My extra curricular activities consist of a verity of abandoned activities; softball, running, choir, theatre, volleyball. Even my school work…I’d settle with Cs because it was expected of me because I wasn’t school smart. Even when I didn’t want to study or take the stupid test again, deep down I wanted to be a personal trainer so bad. I had a rare drive for me. Along with my lack of stick-to-it-ness I’m an impatient person. I want something…I want it NOW.

I thing those were the lessons I was to learn. Growing up in the church you learn about God’s time, not your own…and you believe it. I guess when push come to shove I was wanting to be a personal trainer NOW. If I didn’t get it the first time…or first few times around then I wasn’t going to be persistent. For whatever reason the Lord wanted me to learn to fight for this…and to be patient. He had me learn to trust that I will discern correctly…and discern to continue the fight for His will. If that is what I had to go through to learn that then praise God. Maybe next time I will remember these lessons learned and trust sooner and full heartily.

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  1. hmmmmm...so you passed but what have you been doing since madam skinny belle???