Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tales from the Weight Loss Road: Week 4

Hi ya! How's it going? Can I just say I'm a little bummed. It's absolutely disgusting outside. It's's rainy...and I run today. The two things separately I can handle...together Rachel doesn't do cold rain. I guess it will have to be the treadmill for me. Ok let's do this...

So this pic is my daddy and me, from my first ride I ever did. My dad had picked up riding a few years back and rode on his work team so he got me to join. Ok funny story time. I had signed up for the 23 mile ride, which there were two other people on the team riding that length. There was also 43, 88, 100 mile rides. Well we roll out and clearly I had trained a bit more. I pulled away within the first mile and decided just to do the ride by myself. I roll into our first pit stop, am looking at the map and realized I was deep into the 43 mile course! There was no point in turning around so I just kept on.

While on the ride I realized how much I enjoyed riding. I loved my spin classes. I loved the me, my bike, some tunes, and the open rode. I loved rolling into break points and being surrounded by the culture that is the biking world. After the race I got online and found my next ride. I was hooked.

Week 4: Find an activity you love!

I love my cycling but I have a really good friend who is a swimmer. She has the suit, the cap, and even a waterproof iPod contraption. Mr. DJ isn't a fan of the gym or working out the traditional way. He does love his intramural sports though. He is always playing whatever sport is in season.

Hopefully by this point you are down a few lbs. You've started to learn what to eat; you've braved the gym (or your hood). Now it's time to explore!

If you are a GYM dweller go to every class you can! Venture off the elliptical and find the most scary class on the schedule. I'm not kidding! That intimidating kickboxing class or spin class isn't as scary as you think. There will be at least another newbie in the class...someone else who doesn't know the moves. Find a GOOD strength training program and stick to it! Be BRAVE!

If you are HOMEBODY find a workout DVD. There is a whole world great DVDs no matter what your workout flavor is. There are strength, cardio, yoga, pilates, and kickbboxing DVDs...that are cheap, around $10. You can be just as BRAVE as the gym dwellers. Freeweights, bands, and mats are relatively online or there are stores where you can buy used equipment...think Half Price Books of the fitness world.

I'd also encourage you to run a 5K or even a 23 mile ride. Who knew I'd fall in love with cycling if my dad hadn't encouraged me. Who knew that I'd look forward to my runs if I didn't have the goal to run a 5K at least once in my life. Find those sort of fitness goals and see what you are made of! BE BRAVE!


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