Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Runaway Belle

Ok so according to my run race schedule I'm about ready to run my 10K. However...yup a however...I haven't run in about 6 weeks. So here is the story... 

If I had planned my runs right I would have been ready to run my first 5K. My 5K was to be run the Saturday after returning from my ski trip. That week was also the week in the C25K that I was to run 25 minutes continuously. I think I used the ski trip as my reasoning as to why my running plan got debunked. Let's face the facts the REAL reason is I think that I can't run for 25 minutes continuously. Which doesn't really make sense since at one point I was able to run 6 miles. What can I say I have a mental block with running. 

The thing is that I really began to enjoy running. I just need a running buddy to be there when I want to quit, push me to go faster, and for workout accountability. Sounds great right? I am currently take applications if you wish to apply. Ok so not really...ok sort of for real. There are running clubs. I see some of them meet at my favorite park. Some of them are pretty funny...they run then gather around a tailgate to drink beer. I may look into finding a club that could work with my work schedule. 

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